Nihal Sahu

is a lawyer, researcher, and programmer.

I'm a Research Fellow at the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy in the Health Team. I work on making healthcare regulation more effective and reforming the legal framework for organ transplants. You can read our research here.

If you're reading this and work in law/politics/administration or generally enjoy thinking about and navigating complex systems, I would love to talk to you. You can contact me via email at, or via Twitter or Telegram.

I started writing software in my pre-teens, but I'm still not particularly good at it. I do it anyway. I'm currently working on the following side projects:

  • vigil, a privacy-third web analytics service (with @joodalooped)
  • indiabill, a fork of Elijah Granet's ukbill LaTeX package
  • gcm, a toy version control system written in Go.