Nihal Sahu

is a lawyer, researcher, and programmer.

I currently work at the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy in New Delhi, trying to ensure that every critically ill patient in India has access to palliative care and autonomy over their treatment. As a legal realist, I really enjoy the effort to move law and practice from vague randomness to a predictable rules-based framework

I started writing software in my pre-teens, but I'm still not particularly good at it. I do it anyway. I'm currently working on the following side projects:

  • vigil, a privacy-third web analytics service, which I'm writing with Judah
  • indiabill, a fork of Elijah Granet's ukbill LaTeX package
  • gcm, a toy version control system written in Go.

I write about things that interest me! For example, you can read my rants about healthcare data, why Indian governments don't know how many hospitals are in their states, and why engineer-coded hypertechnical interpretations of laws don't hold up in court.